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Foto de Fritz Henle, Mujer limpiadora del MOMA, año 1950.

Síndrome de Stendhal, cuando tanta belleza nos sobrepasa

divalopment: “ luzfosca: “ Fritz Henle, Cleaning woman in MOMA, source ” when I experience the daily racism and microaggressions of art history grad school, I remember that these spaces were.

why do museums not let you bring bags inside like what do they think you are going to do, throw a huge painting in there and walk out ???

What is this painting? - Miss Moss // Art Appreciation - photo by Hendrik van Leeuwen

© Ernst Haas. /  New York. 1949-53

“A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it” – Ernst Haas, Austrian-born, American, photographer (photograph by Ernst Haas)

jessedraxler: “consciousness antenna or noose - or same thing ”

beatawilczek:  I did this with Gosia Turczynska  for VICE and the title is Body Fluid Spills http://www.vice.com/pl/read/body-fluid-spills

Body Fluid Spills collages and art direction by Beata Wilczek photos by Turczyńska for VICE Photo Issue, 2013