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Memory Bear made from a shirt

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These Bears make touching gifts for anyone.
They measure 20" from the heel to the top of the head. In a sitting position they measure 14.5 inches from bottom to top of head. The stomach measures 10" tall x 10.5" high if you are wondering if a tshirt logo will fit .
Compatible Fabrics
These bears can be made from flannels
button down shirts
Uniforms/work shirts
dress shirts,
Pajama bottoms
sweaters with tight stitching.
Fabrics that require the purchase of stabilizer
Tshirts, golf polos, old and heavily worn fabrics , chiffon dresses, house coats/dusters, thermals, knits, heavily worn , jersey , velvet, Thin or See-Through fabrics will require stabilizer.
You can find the option for stabilizer in my shop for a $15 charge per bear.
If you are sending these fabrics please purchase for the listing "Memory bears made from Polos, tshirts and stretchy fabrics "
No two bears will look alike. These bears are handmade. The fabric will dictate how the bear will look. Firm fabrics like denim will make a stiff solid bear while a bear made from a sweatshirt will make a softer cuddly bear. If you are curious if a fabric will work please contact me!
Leather jackets, blazers, coats made of down feathers, and fur coats are not recommended for this item.
Collars and button down strips are only added to clothing that have that detail. Other items like sweatshirts, pants and blankets will receive a bow. I can also make the bear with no bow or collar if requested. I can make a bow with purchased fabric or if the fabric is too busy add a solid fabric to the feet and ears so the embroidery will show up better. You will need to request this option. Message me if you want the fabric to be a specific color. You can also provide another article of clothing or ribbon for the bow.
The nose of the bear is black. If you plan to send a black fabric it may not stand out.
Embroidery can be placed on the chest or foot. Up to 3 rows of 7 characters can fit on a foot and are personalized. The chest can have Name birthdate and passing date.
A name in a heart must be 7 or less.
The poem cannot be customized at this time. The only poem offered is this one: This is a shirt I used to wear whenever you hold it know that I am there.
If the fabric pattern is too busy a poem may not show up well. I can add purchased matching fabric for the feet and ears to enable the poem to show up!
Please be accurate as possible with info given. If I need to redo an embroidered piece, there may not be enough fabric to make a new one. There is a $15 charge for customer error.
Please write the desired embroidery in the message to seller section when checking out. If you are sending a note with directions in the box please type it and send a picture through Etsy .
The bear's right foot is on the left side of the picture. Please provide embroidery with the right foot first ,when purchasing embroidery on both feet. For example
Bob Jones
Right foot would be Bob, left foot would be Jones.
Sizes that can be used:
Xl long sleeve and short sleeve shirt can make one bear. If it is a collard shirt is provided one bear will have a collar, the other bear will have a bow made of the same fabric as a shirt. A sweater will receive a ribbon of matching color.
Large long or short sleeve shirt will make one bear.
Medium, Small or smaller will not make a bear. However you can provide more then one shirt to help complete a bear or purchase additional fabric.
Memory items are made from clothing that has been washed an worn. They can be fragile. These items are not a toy. They are meant to be on display. It is recommended that you wash the clothing before sending it. It is not recommended to place the completed item in washing machine. We suggest spot cleaning.
The process is to first purchase your items. I will then provide you with the directions and the address to ship the clothing to. When I receive your clothing, I will notify you and provide you with a ship by date. You can store your tracking in a safe place or send a picture of it to me .
If you have any questions please contact me. I like to respond quickly. The shop announcements also has a lot of helpful information.
We currently have a 70 day turn around from when we receive your clothing.
Thank you for visiting my shop!


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