Tiny Cottage in Vermont

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Adult clubhouse

Little Backyard House {Great For A Studio or Guest House} or a nice place for mom to live when things get a little too crazy.


Sauna in Queen Charlotte Islands by Colin Doane. Lashed to front rafters are green whale jawbones. 133 of Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn) tiny amazing unusual house

Architect Christoph Kaiser turned a 340-square-foot grain silo into a two-story home for him and his wife.

1950s Grain Silo Transformed into a Sleek and Cozy Home for Two

Time to build a fire and cheers in this A-Frame cabin rental in Ashford, Washington!

Modern A-frame in wooded wonderland. The cabin is located only a few miles from the Mount Rainier NP entrance. There is one brand new queen memo.

cardinal directions cross-form A-frame dream studio/living space-some day! This is dreamy

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 2016 Young Architect Award Recipient

Backyard cottage: I Lilla Kamomillas Villa ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit http://ownerbuiltdesign.com

-beautiful little bright studio- Backyard cottage: I Lilla Kamomillas Villa

cabana                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Amazing rustic cabin small house home cabin timber cottage. Scott Newkirk, a fashion stylist and interior designer, leads the usual hectic city life. He spends every weekend living off the grid at his house in Yulan, New York.

Backyard house in Portland, OR with re-claimed siding from 3 different Oregon barns!

When Reclaimed Works: The Backyard House

I want The Backyard House by Megan Lea to be my frontyard house. The 154 sq ft studio in her backyard was made from reclaimed wood from

Tiny Cottage in Vermont

If you guys need me I'll be in this little house in the woods eating ben and jerrys, maple syrup, and listening to all thirteen Phish albums