How to use a Planner to get Organised

Here& a secret about being organised: it takes effort! You probably won& find your ideal planner or inserts your first time out of the gate, and that& okay, because the biggest tip I can give yo.


An Exapnle of good notes, neat, organized, and good hand writing. Those are some of the key things to good note taking.

tarea gato

Fotos que tienes que tomar la próxima vez que te dejen tarea

diurnalem - fiercelittlestudyblr:   8.11.16 I got my Glaciers...

I got my Glaciers essay back. I’ll a little disappointed in my mark but it’s all a learning curve. I can learn from my mistakes and make my next essay much better! I’m re-reading my essay to.

A cup of coffee on your laptop. Sure. It looks cute but... I wouldn't try it.

A cup of coffee on your laptop. This is what my desk looks like exept for the coffee on the computer