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I just whacked my head off of a mirror, ouch :( I need to listen to some Black Veil Brides to make it better :p

This interview was hilarious!! Andy revealed that Matt was a secret member of the KKK  when he was about six (watch interview!! it will explain EVERYTHING), he revealed that he isn't brave, the noise Jesus is going to make when he comes back to Earth, and last but not least, he revealed that he never wants to go to Hogwarts. Just another normal day in the life of Andy Biersack.

I love Bryan Stars interviews with Black Veil Brides and some other bands. I usually can't sit through a hole other interview with like 3 jokes, but with Bryan, just everything is amazing!

Yes plz ❤

The world would be a better place if we could all get a free kiss from Andy and Ash and CC and Jake And Jinxx

The words that started the end of the world. Lmao. I love Andy & Matt so much. ♥

Matt Good and Andy Biersack (Bryanstars interview)

We love you <3

We love you <3