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Nerd Girl problem

This is why I usually cosplay long-haired characters. Like Elsie from The World God Only Knows.

Charming Smile of Death, love this. :) I love him. Ash forget Sherlock give me psychopath!

Moriarty's charming smile of death gif <-- *whispers in your ear creepily* because its bootiful. SO VERY BOOTIFUL.Beautiful, I tell you.>> death is beautiful

... and they look at you like you're crazy.

Welcome to my life. Sherlock & Spencer Reid (once again, words not mine, but yep.


In which a Mac owner and a customer service rep bond over BBC Sherlock.just about the funniest thing I've heard all day<--Which goes to show you that Sherlock brings people together CD

nerd girl problems...I try not to have non-nerdy friends. Its just easier that way.

Im really the only super nerdy chick in most of my circle of friends. Nobody understands


And tucked in the tags/bra straps of my friends shirts which annoyed them.but now they appreciate it? (Maybe not constantly :)

When your heart is ripped in two everytime you think of Reichenbach.

I cryed. i wanted to start bawling. And then it doesn't help because one of my friends (the only friend I have who really understands fandoms) thinks it's "funny" in a way.

Nerd Girl Problems

I wouldnt call that a 'nerd problem'. but, that shall suffice.

And then my mom walks by and closes nine of them for me and solves the problem, but then I have re-open them because I was using all of them. :P

Even though, since he was my first Doctor, the second option wasn't available. So I personally think he's pretty cute.>>>Ten was my first Doctor and personally he is the hotter one. (Matt Smith is still really cute though)

Nerd girl problems

Nerd Girl Problem ugh and THIS is why I'd rather wait until the season/series is done! I cant do one episode a week! that's mental suicide!

Yep, multiple times... or loses their soul

More accurately, this is Problem Problem - when your favorite character dies for the umpteenth time. Problem - when your favorite character dies for the last time.