TheCoolPearl: Gosh, calm down Mabel, lol.

Gravity Falls team meeting for Last Mabelcorn: “And in this scene the girls will be COMPLETELY DRENCHED in unicorn blood" “…Alex, I don’t think the censors will-” “Make it sparkly and call it ‘tears’, but the viewers will know.

is this from sailorleo bc it looks like sailorleo

Why sleep when you can meme?

TheCoolPearl: I think imagining Bill floating around aimlessly, bumping into things would be the best part.

Take a bath Dipper by markmak on DeviantArt

C'mon Dipper don't be so gullible. Here we see the wild Dipper roaming in his habitat, he has found some of his favorite activities on the wild carpet. He pounces.

Damn u Alex

Gravity Falls has changed me Bill Cipher = Illuminati Confirmed Bill Cipher = Dorito Dorito = Illuminati Confirmed

Mixed feelings about this... by on @DeviantArt

I have mixed feelings about this, I want to ship this, then again I don't. so many mixed feelings her. Mixed feelings about this.