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Smell,that smelly smell, the kind of smell that smells,smelly.

I wonder what my house smells like. I hope mine smells like peppermint

Exactly Lol

How I feel every time. I hate having my eyebrows waxed, resulting in some pretty wicked eyebrows of the time and every time I get a pedicure, they ask "chew wohnt you eyebrows done?

That happens to me all the time

Mother of texting in the middle of texting ! Don't text me while I'm in the middle of texting you. I'll have to change the whole text.

Hahahahaha yes!! "14 missed calls from mom" hahahahaha that's great

There are 5 types of fear: Terror Panic 14 missed calls from Mom Username or password is incorrect We need to talk Last one is by far the worst!

I don't know HOW to act my age. I've never been this age before.

I don't know HOW to act my age. I've never been this age before.

... I should be in a flippin' musical !!! ツ

I sing my own melodies and songs, complete with partial or whole lyrics. I even wake up often with music in my head, words and all. I'm always full of melody and music and I love to sing, but I am also quite shy about it.

So true. nailed-it-

Create 4k plus links from mediawiki and web 2 0 targets

A woman is helpless only while her nail funny quotes quote truth women girl quotes helpless nails done

LMAO im a very good speller BUT SOMETIMES i have those days where im like wait a minute how is that spelled and this just made me laugh!

That moment when you spell a word so wrong that even auto correct is like, "I've got nothing man" story of my life

How to be both politically and psychologically correct dad.

Toothpaste For Dinner comic: dont yell at your kids * Text: dont yell at your kids lean in real close and whisper its much scarier youuu are in biiig trouble

I do this...

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