Another lover: Meanwhile, Harry's ex-girlfriend Taylor, who he dated from October 2012 to January 2013, recently set tongues wagging with her fledgling romance with Hollywood hunk Tom Hiddleston

Harry Styles goes for a jog with his bodyguards in Dunkirk

Taylor Swift spotted hanging out with One Direction's Harry Styles.i really don't care who Taylor Swift is hanging out with, i just want everyone to notice that she is wearing a fox shirt very similar to mine! Swift just wants to be like me so bad.


Read story He's Trouble (Harry Styles) by Addie_doll with reads.HIIIIII I'm new to wattpad please enjoy my story, dolls :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

Harry in the Best Song Ever music video!!! THIS IS SO FLIPPING ATTRACTIVE... I am not kidding this is amazing!

Harry in the Best Song Ever music video I almost fell from the bed! :D :D :D Love those 5 idiots!

Harry Styles

Maybe I do where my favorite jeans two days in a row. But if Harry styles can where them practically every day and win a style icon award then you can't judge me.


harry styles waving at me. "singing oh e oh e oh e oh" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I have that song stuck in my head!

that fist bump looked like it hit Niall really hard on a spiritual level<<< not to mention Harry's pants like lawdy they're loose just look at them!

Narry fist bumping <<< oh and BTW the thing in Harry's mouth is not a Cigarette it's the thing that the golf ball sits on ( idk what it's called ) (: