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ROAAAR! Is your little one obsessed with dinosaurs? Here are some instructions on how to build your very own long necked dino friend. Check out our instructions here: http://www.lego.com/en-us/family/articles/diy-dinosaur-08587f65cd974eaa9ca79f92faaf1cfb

On paper, children should be petrified of dinosaurs. In reality, they are OBSESSED. rex is a case in point. Ferocious, enormous and harnessing some real anger issues, he’s not an obvious candidate

LEGO Candy Dispenser Building Instructions - Dispense M&M's or a similar candy with this working LEGO candy machine.

How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

Find out how you and your little builder can make your own LEGO DUPLO reindeer! http://www.lego.com/family/articles/diy-reindeer-stocking-stuffers-and-holiday-decorations-d489bb383b304eba8c391ac41fb806db

Today we spotted a new animal in the LEGO® DUPLO® 10584 Forest: Park set. This handsome reindeer was getting a little tired of being teased about his beautiful red nose, so he decided to get away for (New Diy Ideas)

Bekijk deze Instagram-foto van @neepapa • 15 vind-ik-leuks

Finn’s long neck dinosaur. My little guy was completely terrified by the dino exhibition. Animatronic giant creatures, crazy big teeth, loud roars, all that. But he asked me to make them afterwards.

Ho Ho Ho! Your little one can sweeten the holiday countdown by building their very own LEGO Santa!

How to build a Lego Santa: Ho Ho Ho! Your little one can sweeten the holiday countdown by building their very own LEGO Santa!

Buildit Kit LEGO Flat Snowman Christmas by ornaments4charity, $16.00

Build-it Kit LEGO Flat Snowman Christmas Ornament

Castillo verde

Learn how to build a fun little castle with pennants with easy, free building instructions from LEGO® Classic and the 10708 Green Creativity Box!

LEGO family on the go BOATS

Whether you’re a landlubber for life, a seasoned sailor, or something in between, adventures at sea can provide lots of fun role play scenarios for your

LEGO Mini Dragon Building Instructions

Build some LEGO Mini Dragons – instructions below! We’ve got a couple of fire breathing dragons and then a lizard type dragon. Cute and fierce! After you finish them, build a whole scene with a dragon lair and knights on a quest to seek the treasure –

Duplo - Duplo Deluxe Brick Box [Lego 5507]

View LEGO instructions for Duplo Deluxe Brick Box set number 5507 to help you build these LEGO sets

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Planning for Halloween? This DIY LEGO DUPLO pumpkin comes with no stickiness guaranteed