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Mini Paper Zoo

Zoo in my hand ~ Sunkyung Kim vía Éditions du livre ~ Ideas in the shape of book


Cross Stitching on Cards: Animals with Sweaters

printable sewing cards ~ Animal Jumpers Cross Stitch Cards for Kids / design and stitch your plaid jumpers! ^ ^ free templates at Mr Printables

Katsumi Komagata, Little eyes Nº 7. The animals (fun for children)

The Animals de Katsumi Komagata (Les Little Eyes, édition Kai-Seisha)

Calendario de adviento Paper City de Mr. P Shop

Calendario de adviento Paper City de Mr. P Shop

24 cards with pre-cut and pre fold lines Ready to make building boxes numbered Perfect for imaginary play & hiding little treats inside each house Includes 3 little cars too Simply pop out fold and glue each box

Обставляем дом по своему вкусу))

The Dollhouse Book / Rock & Pebble - a drawing "sketch" book to create different dollhouse scenes

Use simple (spoon) puppet theatre to depict historical scenes and reading passages (i.e., Aesop's Fables)

Spring flower hanging garland easy craft idea Plastic spoons maracas kids craft Plastic spoon craft Image of plastic spoon puppets How to make plastic spoon

Ateliers pour enfants

cadavre_exquis: aka pigs have professions too