oh my gosh, so cute!

Too cute!

I thought this is appropriate for shoes. Dogs do love shoes. So cute and innocent.


A brown and white puppy lying on its back with its two front paws together in a prayer position- so cute!


Can You Name These Presidential Pets?

Happy of July from your furry friends! Or as they like to say, "America Furever!

Bir köpek bu kadar küçükken hayal edemez ama bu tatlı aşk!!!

i want one.and I don't mean the Dr Pepper.I want a teacup yorkie! this is tooooo cute!

Search Dog: "Porkchop." ~ "One of The Four-Legged 'HEROES' at Ground Zero." (9/11.)

Not All of the Heroes of Were Human Heartfelt stories! Animals are heroes too!

Wish I could see this face ALL the time

aplacetolovedogs: Sweet Cocker Spaniel puppy got so sleepy on the car ride For more cute dogs and puppies 縫いぐるみ~♡