Soooooooooo pwetty.

Colorful Rainbow Dip Dye Hair Chalk // I wanna do this! I have some hair chalk!

Hair chalking tips. OOOOO I need to get some hair chalk :)

Hair chalking tips + tricks + a tutorial - Beauty Tutorials by imad karrari. My daughter did this and it was beautiful!

Seafoam Green Cheeta

"Awesome light blue with pink leopard print hair!" Um you do realize her hair is blonde and that the blue and leopard print are photoshopped right?


rainbow-hair using B wild temporary color spray.better for hair than 'chalking'

kool aid3

19 Fabulosas maneras en las que el Kool-Aid regresará a tu vida

HOW TO DIP DYE YOUR HAIR WITH KOOL-AID. Use warm/cold water instead of boiling to make it temporary! Idk this is kinda neat but I will just put this in the maybe for future reference pile for now.

How to make and apply hair chalk;  An easy way to temporarily color hair.

Hair Chalk Recipe and Application Tutorial

How to make and apply hair chalk; An easy way to temporarily color project)

Prevent color-treated hair from fading  and maintain desired color tones with Rahua Color Full shampoo !

Rahua Color Full Shampoo

Magnificent Bohemian hairstyles are worth mastering because they are creative, pretty and so wild. Plus, boho hairstyles do not require much time and effort to do. See more fabulous boho hairstyles.

cabelo curto ondulado com mechas coloridas.

THIS HAIR! - Blond hair with streaks, for me shades of brunette like this? I cannot commit to one shade of all over. Too boring.

Quick and easy DIY Hair Color Tutorial   using hair chalk. except you can't brush through your hair when you do this so i   can only do it when I curl my hair and can't brush it anyways..

DIY Hair Chalk Tutorial : Hair Chalk Guide for Brunettes, Blondes, Easy Hair Coloring Tutorial

Effet underlights quand les cheveux sont détachés                                                                                                                                                      More

Fancying a creative haircolour but scared to take the plunge? Then underlights is the new hair colour trend made for you.

Fishtail braid:  I just learned how to do this!  So pretty!!!

Fishtail braid

Simple Fishtail Braid Tutorial the FIRST fishtail tutorial i could understand enough for me to do it! THANK GOD!

easy low bun/braid :) you can keep it in the 7th step and add a ribbon to your pony tail or go all the way to the 9th step for a messy bun effect.

So pretty

b for bel: Awesome Hair: French Fish Tail Seashell Braid. Not sure I understand the how to, but it's pretty.

Barefoot Blonde // The twisted fishtail

The Twisted Fishtail

Twisted fishtail half up hairstyle. Pull back front sides into a clear elastic pony and then twist. The braid into fish tail.