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Terry Border does some awesome stuff with food and regular everyday objects. Things may not always look like what they appear. more can be found at bent objects

how is this not in my house already? (would be a perfect garage caution sign, n'est pas?)

Warning Sign Done Right!!

Definitely a man cave sign! Danger, ninjas and pirates and lasers and shit.

Zombies and babies are the same thing. Didja know?

Zombie vs. Baby

Funny pictures about Zombie vs. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie vs. Also, Zombie vs.

Artificial Life: The Zombies are Already Here Paul Markel © 2012 According to every Hollywood movie I’ve seen, zombies are flesh-eaters with the prime delicacy being the brains.

zombie apocalypse survival kit, funny pictures

Funny Reminders Ecard: I've just added adult diapers to my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. I figure there won't be much time to pee while I'm running.

Gimme a sniper rifle and a perch and I'm good to go"

Funny pictures about Hardest part of a zombie apocalypse. Oh, and cool pics about Hardest part of a zombie apocalypse. Also, Hardest part of a zombie apocalypse.

First Aid

Funny pictures about Zombie First Aid. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie First Aid. Also, Zombie First Aid.

The zombie apocalypse partner proposal <3

When a Apocalypse happens, with you be my Zombie killing partner? The Zombie Apocalypse partner proposal