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I love this picture, Ron was scared so he went to someone he knew would protect him. Surprisingly it was Hermione, but that just made it even better.

31 Unbelievable Facts That Make The "Harry Potter" Movies Even More Magical

31 Unbelievable Facts That Make The "Harry Potter" Movies Even More Magical

31 Unbelievable Facts That Make The "Harry Potter" Movies Even More Magical--- from the harry potter studio tour! Such an awesome place, I loved it.

This just blew my mind....(Harry Potter Strikes again with its strange awesomeness)

There were SEVEN Horcruxes. Voldemort is not a Horcrux. He intended to make 6 Horcruxes, and Harry was an accidental seventh, but he is not an eighth Horcrux himself.

didn't always think of their relationship like this.

This is why I don't like when people ship Harry and Hermione, because the beauty of their relationship is their friendship. All hail Queen Rowling for this beautiful friendship

honestly all I want to do rn is just cuddle up and snuggle my self in blankets with some herble tea in my hang while watching all seven Harry potter movies.

honestly all I want to do right now is snuggle myself into some warm blankets with some herbal tea in my hand while watching all seven Harry potter movies.

10 Books For Adults Who Love Harry Potter

10 Books For Adult Harry Potter Fans

10 things I hate about you meets Harry Potter

Some Harry Potter :)

Two of my favorite movies combined into one cool picture. Harry Things I Hate About You. This fits incredibly well with Ron and Hermione.

27 Hilarious Snapchats From Harry Potter That I Never Saw Coming. I Can't Stop Laughing - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

28 Snapchats From Harry Potter

"Daniel Radcliffe on Maggie Smith-- tearing right now. :*) I love HP! " I Love Dame Maggie Smith and Daniel Radcliffe too they were great in H. and David Copperfield together

This is the moment when everyone should've known, they're perfect.

How will Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) spend their first paychecks? So funny!

Sarahhhh!!! Lol Harry Potter; Mean Girls

I'm sorry, but I freaking love a Mean Girl meme that is Mean Girls quotes on something completed not Mean Girls. Also see the Disney and mean girls mash up it is perf

So how weird would I be if I wanted to name at least one of my kids after a harry potter character!?

James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter,Lily Luna Potter lol i like that chick.