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Power Lords

Comic Book ad for Power Lords 1983 toy line by Model company Revell. A short Lived but fun Toyline long lamented by Toy fans of the era!

A series of plastic tubes attach to your STIHL handheld blower and can extend to more than ten feet, providing the additional extension needed to reach most residential gutters. Great for removing dry leaves and debris.

BG 55 Handheld Blower by Stihl - Husqvarna Gas Powered 170 MPH Gutter Blower / Vac with Smart Start.

I wish I had enough money to buy myself and all of my friends Digimon virtual pets so we could battle every time we ran into each other.

These thing were just the shit, I fondly remember them. The boys version of a virtual pet, and you could connect them together and battle your friends digimon with the one you raised.


Slumber Party Barbie >> we used to call her "grandma" when we played Barbies!

Popples... I remember mine like it was yesterday!!! They don't make the good toys like they use 2

Toy's From the Past

Lekker balanceren Balancing Blocks.

Lekker balanceren Balancing Blocks.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs McDonald's Happy Meal toys

Snow White McDonald's Happy Meal toys SO much cooler than they are now!

1960s Whee-Lo Magnetic Spinning Wheel Top #Vintage #Toys

Whee-Lo Magnetic Spinning Wheel Top, Vintage Toys, Life and toys were simple. Had one of these I kept at my grandparents' house