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Philips Urban Beehive ($TBA)

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Most of the time you think of beekeepers as living out on large farms, tending to their hives with crazy hazmat-style suits on. With the Philips Urban Beehive, you can become your own beekeeper - with the bees living inside.

Plantui - Das Gewächshaus für's Haus

With Plantui 6 Smart Garden you can grow tasty, healthy & fresh greens without soil. The fully automated, patented growth process with special light spectrums ensures successful and easy gardening. All this packed into a beautifully designed device.

Keep delicious herbs fresher longer with the handy herb keeper. #herbs #uncommongoods #affiliate

Keep delicious herbs fresher longer with the handy herb keeper. #herbs #uncommongoods #affiliate

Inspired by the pour-over coffee process, KOR has launched a new in-home water filtration system with water carafes and filters.

KOR Launches Water Fall In-Home Water Filtration System

Prepara Herb-Savor Mini Pods - $27 | Petagadget

Prepara Herb-Savor Mini Pods

Prepara Herb-Savor Mini Pods Keeps fresh herbs fresh for 3 weeks. Good for cooking and really nice looking.

Urbio - Big Happy Family - SEK 1437

Urban Vertical Garden by Urbio - Big Happy Family - Product Specs: 20 tall x 30 wide x deep Contains: - 6 Wall Plates (with Brackets, Screws and Sheet Rock Anchors) - 1 Big Daddy - 1 String Bean - 1 Wide Mouth - 3 Shorty