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i like this, may not all be me, but i like this.

Cowgirl Attitude -- 3 things are important to know in A strong Cowgirl may want her a cowboy but she never NEEDS one. When the going gets tough you Cowgirl Up and take it on. It's not the clothes that makes the Cowgirl it's the ATTITUDE and HEART!

Like there is not a care in the world, summer time <3

I love this song. Just one problem guys don't like girls singing to their songs in their truck.

Browning Charm Bullet Earrings for the Hunting by GunPowderWoman Bullet Jewelry Firearms Guns Hunting Country Girl Yup I must have-Jamie


Country girl, Cowgirl quotes - "Forget glass slippers, this princess wears boots." Yeah, that :) For all the horse loving girls.

this is the tattoo i am hopefully getting in a couple of weeks :)

I got Cody a shirt with this similar design! except the girl side is hot pink with a camo hair bow and between the antlers it says Cody then under neath the deer it says forever!