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An entry from Emilialua

the road less traveled . Mike and I love to explore all kinds of roads. Especially dirt ones in the mountains.


"Stars steam away as a pale sun rises, hot coal dropped in a watery sky. Light seeps across the forest as the reedy shrieks of wood fowl echo in the trees." — from the novel SINFUL FOLK

Twin Peaks?

If you dont know where you re going, any road can take you there.

country road by elisabeth

Saw this photo of a path or road at the Bergen Forest. I wonder what's just around that bend ahead.

tumblr myxsdiZJxo1r3yixdo1 500 Random Inspiration 117 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 117

Hello September by ttwice, taken in Dryden, Washington, USA

Caminante no hay camino,se hace camino al andar. Antonio Machado

Tuscany Sunset - Chianti, Italy Do you think they'd let me run here? So gorgeous!

Tuscany | Josh Trefethen Photography

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." ~ Henry David Thoreau ~ There's magic in that. Go for a walk today. A silent walk. A walk with open eyes. You'll take a walk within yourself.

sweetsurrender68:  “Depth of Mist Wood”by: HW.Wang

depth of mist wood - HW Wang AND Idea of how The Mists might look in the underworld of the planet Octa

Yooper dirt road off Lake Superior. Got to love roads like these. They take you to this place called peace of mind.


Road into the sunset. the road to my hay field. Love my old roads !