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Whales of the World of the World Poster/Field Guide | Etsy Fin Whale, Pilot Whale, Gray Whale, Whale Art, Beluga Whale, Humpback Whale, Whales, Blue Whale Drawing, Large Animals
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Whales of the World Poster/Field Guide

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There are 90 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises, known collectively as "cetaceans". Many of them are highly endangered and the Blue Whale - which is also the largest animal ever to have lived on the planet - is one of the most endangered. This poster prints features fine art illustrations of all various species of whale
Species featured:
BELUGA WHALE (Delphinapterus leucas)
BLUE WHALE (Balaenoptera musculus)
BOWHEAD WHALE (Balaena mysticetus)
COMMON MINKE WHALE (Balaenoptera acutorostrata)
GRAY WHALE (Eschrichtius robustus)
FIN WHALE (Balaenoptera physalus)
HUMPBACK WHALE (Megaptera novaeangliae)
LONG-FINNED PILOT WHALE (Globicephala melas)
NARWHAL WHALE (Monodon monoceros)
SEI WHALE (Balaena mysticetus)
SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE (Eubalaena australis)
SPERM WHALE (Physeter macrocephalus)
All images are scientifically accurate and expertly drawn by wildlife artist Roger Hall, who has been working in the field for over 20 years for such noted organizations as National Geographic, Scholastic Books, Sunset Magazine and World Wildlife Fund.
Museum-quality posters with vivid prints made on thick and durable matte paper. A statement in any room, these posters are just the accent your room or office needs. This poster comes unframed.
• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
• Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y2 (192 g/m2)
• Giclée printing quality
• Opacity: 94%


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