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I remember a boy saying this to me a long time ago but it wasn't anything to do with my stash!

Well now, there's some good wisdom…

This only applies if you buy your yarn and your food in the same store. Buy good, quality yarn from a local yarn shop. Yes, I'm a yarn snob.

Retired Knitting Gag Gift Post Cards

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Or a blanket, or a tote, or...

Or a blanket, or a tote, or...

Knitting Aerobics Post Cards

Knitting Aerobics Postcard

I want more!

Funny crochet and knitting meme! This is so true (except the red heart, life's too short to knit with crappy yarn!

Card Reading "Keep Calm and Cast On"

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Keep Calm and Cast On. Sometimes I do have to do extra breathing before starting a large project. Just cast on baby!

Geweldig naambordje!

Funny knitting poster for all you crafters. My name is Knita Holic

Sooooo true

(But then again, if I could knit, there would be thousands of UFOs in my house instead of dozens.