fuskida: “ Royal Apothecary of Saint-Germain The ancient apothecary of the hospital of Saint-Germain-en-Laye possesses a collection of earthenware pots decorated with blue patterns, glass vases and.


“Blessings be on this house,“ Granny said, perfunctorily. It was always a good opening remark for a witch. It concentrated people’s minds on what other things might be on this house.

Apothecary box...OMG love love love. Want want want LOL! Look at it OMG!

A very rare cedar apothecary box, housing original glass mortar and pestle, brass scales, and bottles.

witchpotions1.jpg (564×731)

witchpotions1.jpg (564×731)

witches cupboard

speak without my voice: Aetheric Alchemy Cabinet. top of my best Halloween decor ideas ever list.

This is beautiful. I want my home to look like this.

“Even more of our Wicked House Merchantile apothecary where all our magickal goods are made for our Etsy shoppe for you!