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Can this person even breathe?! Talk about stupidity! Science has PROVEN this! Get real people!

Whenever someone responds with something like "that's not true, read the bible" in this tone, I picture a with his fingers in his ears saying, "I'm not listening!


- Let’s make it go viral! If white media don’t want to tell the truth, we will!

BORD lol... But that's pretty mean on the bottom, there...

I’m board…

and more stupid people in need of Darwinism. When I spell Board I am being annoying not dumb.

Don't forget to point at the sky when you score.

[44 pictures ] UFUNK – Week End Selection n°8

I think he threw in a blow job in the locker room as well.

I tried to research his finds online (other than Wikipedia), but most "discoveries" are social sciences and nothing about physical sciences are explained or mentioned.

The muslin world also preserved a lot of classic knowledge and developed it while Europeans were burning jews because they thought they cause the black plague.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 101 Pics

This lady deserves an award<<< "if you wanna speak Mexican,go back to Mexico." Like LOL yes I speak mexican😂😂 I also speak American, Austrailian, and Antartican. But also that guy is a jerk😒