Tattoo Idea!

I really like this maybe a sunflower instead and this could finish my sunflower tattoo off. ohhhh the possibilities i can do to my body.

toe tattoos | After 9 toe tattoo for web.jpg (19606 bytes)

that's a tattoo idea! Maybe with wheat to go with the leg tattoo I want.


Beautiful floral design and nice placement. The way the design extends out down her arm and across the chest is done just perfectly!

I want a tattoo this cute!

Like the colors and the green shading in backround. owl tattoo by Ryan Mason ~ Scapegoat, Portland OR - so cute.

my next tatt (and yes, I already have one) but I will add Forever Yours to it. That is what my sweetheart and I said to each other for 37 1/2 years.   I am still forever his and he is forever mine.  Two hearts joined together with a cross - keeping Christ the center of our relationship. We did that for 37 1/2 years.

Two hearts joined together by a cross - keeping Christ the center of all relationships. Idea for possible canvas art. Put a small heart too for baby

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41 Cool Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs

41 Cool Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs