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hahaaa, truetrue

they never leave you.minecraft till sunrise watched the come up by myself power napped through the day repeat and didn't end the process for months


cinnabuns and her hair buns

hahaha this is great...I love T. Swift, but I love Miranda and Carrie so much more.

Carrie and Miranda. The real country singers. I like Taylor too, but she's not really country.


Funny Music Ecard: No, Luke Bryan! YOU shake it for ME! my-style

Tick tock

Baby Eviction Notice - Funny sign on pregnant woman's belly is and Eviction Notice for the baby by the Department of Mom.

Tattoo Regrets. "Yeah, I broke up with Olivia and now I'm dating this girl named 'Shit Happens'". mistake, shit happens, tattoos, tattoo

Tattoo Regrets

Nice cover up for when you get someones name tattooed on you

Congratulations on being pregnant at 16

Congratulations on being pregnant…

Funny pictures about Congratulations on being pregnant. Oh, and cool pics about Congratulations on being pregnant. Also, Congratulations on being pregnant.

Maybe you should try this with a certain someone @kristin pappas

I love Jenna Marbles. The face works in text too

Ain't this the truth!?

How I act...

So true . Except for the boyfriend thing since I kinda don't have one. Cute & Funny,love and other things,

single ladies. Oli and emmy's song

single girl swag lol so true