Sun catcher made from chandelier parts and porcelain roses.

Sun catcher from chandelier parts & porcelain roses. Would make a great wind chime with other things (like spoons, etc) hanging from the chandelier parts.

Punch Cup Sun Catchers - DIY with thrifted cups and jewelry beads - these would be fun scattered around at a garden tea party

I would LOVE this windchime on my front porch!

This I could do cause I have plenty of vintage lamp crystals.Sun Antique Brass and Crystal Wind Chime

I could make something like these...:) Except all along the front of my porch!

Amazing DIY Wind Chime Ideas & Tutorials for Your Garden

Easy DIY Wind Chimes Ideas For Homes And Gardens. how to make wind chimes at home with beads, cds, and keys.wind chime tutorial step by step


Clay pot wind chime Donna Dewberry Outdoor Florals One Stroke Decorative Painting Crafts

Jardín de hadas inspirado, carillón de viento círculo de hermanamiento.    Esta campana se ha creado con movimiento orgánico en mente. Los 7 de ancho círculo es envuelto con alambre para imitar una planta enredadera del jardín a mano alzada. Las pendientes inferiores están hechos de carillones de metal recuperados, parte de una cuchara vintage, vintage vidrio botones y diversos granos. Ellos swing y Tintín suavemente en la brisa. Las pendientes superiores han sido creados con vintage y…

Wire Wrap Wind Chime Fairy Garden Inspired Upcycled Home and Garden Decor Yard Art Whimsy

Natalie Red 9" - Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher, 30mm Crystal Ball with Red Crystal Beads and Crystal Octagons

Natalie Red 9 - Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher, Crystal Ball with Red Crystal Beads and Crystal Octagons


Large Recycled Iron Windchime with Bells and Beads. A fair trade product made in northern India. Can be used in the home or garden.

Clark Hamblen and Christie, thought of you when I saw this wind chime.

Beaded Wind Chime Suncatcher on Cholla Wood with by LTreatDesigns

Glass Bead windchime

Glass Beaded Wind Chime Sun Catcher - link no longer works - I like the idea of using glass beads