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I'm such a sucker for kittens, but then I remember they become cats, and one day I'll be know as a crazy cat lady.

Fun #Caturday video's for your enjoyment!

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Available Siberian Kittens Sydney 2012!

Snowgum Siberian Kittens- Available pedigree hypo-allergenic Siberian kittens, Sydney Australia

I asked Santa for a kitten for Christmas. He apparently thought I was kidding. :/

Two cat postcard is used

I asked Santa for a kitten for Christmas. He apparently thought I was kidding.

sweet baby, this babe looks like my new kitten... Leo. Get to bring him home the end of Aug.!

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Top 5 Long Haired Cat Breeds, always wanted to know them :) What a pretty little kitty.


This is a Siberian cat. They are supposed to be good for people with allergies to have. Referred to as the dogs of the cat world, talkative, can sit purring on their owners laps for hours. Cordelia must have some Siberian cat in her bloodline.

A lovely Gray  and white Kitten Postcard by sharonfostervintage, $2.00

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Black Silver Tortie White Siberian Cat Penelope od Kniahini*Pl Date of Birth: She is living now with her new owner.