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Rajalan tupa: Diy- amppeli

Rajalan tupa: Diy- amppeli

Led strip bed lights.

Innovative Led Truck Bed Lights

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Reclaimed wood pallets are an excellent source of material for crafting. Unfortunately, they aren't always safe; wood pallets are often contaminated with c

DIY MOD: How to add 12v outlets in your door panels! - Toyota 120 Platforms Forum

This is a discussion forum for the Toyota 120 platform vehicles, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Prado 120

Пробки от вина помогут закрыть любую упаковку, и выглядит это солидно.

OK my wine drinking friends can you save some corks for me? You know I can't drink wine. Use wine corks as a bag closer.

Hiding cable wooden balls...EASY and so much lovelier than looking at cords everywhere! http://www.caseyswood.com/shoppingcart/zen-cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=162_37

Scandinavian DIY Decor: 10 Projects for a Simple, Sophisticated & Stylish Look

Fun DIY idea for exposed cables - wooden bead electrical cord. If you can't hide it, make it a feature. Use this to protect the cord from cat teeth.

Infographic: 50 ways to help the environment from home - Matador Network

Infographic: 50 ways to help the environment from home

50 Energy Efficient Mindfulness Tips for Your Home Personal Life: I partake in many of these different ways to be sustainable on a daily basis.

Interesting lamp shades made of recycled materials

This is a great doable DIY project I spotted at DesignSponge. The design is by graphic designer Gabrielle Guy and only requires scrap paper strips, some glue and a cheap old lampshade, such as IKEA´s Regolit, priced at modest

DIY Acne Mask Recipe - Unclogs pores and clears your skin! http://www.jexshop.com/

Unclog your pores with this amazing DIY acne mask featuring bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. This homemade mask clears blemishes and blackheads.