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I will never be able to read the word "exterminate" in a normal way ever again.

Dalek as Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Doctor Who Crossover)


This is to awesome these are my two favorite things doctor who and despicable me!

Party Daleks in the house tonight. Everybody gonna exterminate.

I'd love to see a drunk Dalek. It might just possibly be funnier than a German Dalek!

This is my new favorite thing ever. Just saying.    {Daleks love cats} yes!

Kitteh Komic ob teh Day: Daleks Love Kittehs

Daleks and cats. Hahahaha tell me you did not just read that in a Dalek voice.

This totally explains the mystery bruises!

My life makes sense now. wait, what did I just pin?

It's okay if you read this in a Loki voice.

Giusil Vincenzi on

It's okay if you read this in a Loki voice. <- More like a Loki/Dalek voice

David Tennant of Doctor Who giving a hungry Dalek a Snickers bar LOL!!

The Ultimate Snickers Commercial

So is that the solution, then? Give all the Daleks Snickers? Star wars and doctor who crossover

Dr. Who's true enemy.

"One of these is an evil creature bent on world domination, the other's a dalek" rofl

Doctor Who Today в Твиттере: «:/ #DoctorWho #ValentinesDay… »

"I will exterminate your unhappiness!" - didn't know a chibi Dalek could be so cute, or, for that matter, happen at all XD

i KNEW there was a reason this was the most terrifying show of my childhood!

Rugrats Dalek Easter Egg

Daleks, and BTW, Tommy was based off the Doctor.and he always had his screwdriver. (The creators of Rugrats were huge fans). The creators of Rugrats were AWESOME.