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Biting cold - Boy, and I though getting your tongue stuck to a flagpole was bad!


I’m returning these glasses I bought for my husband. He’s still not seeing things my way.

Before Instagram

Attention seeking like its the century. Really want to show my students this the next time we do a still life unit

I just found out that I have IBES . . . Irritable Because of Everything Syndrome.

I just learned that I have IBES. Irritable because of Everything syndrome YUP.

Hilarious cartoon joke about pole dancing for seniors. For more funny humor pictures and jokes visit www.

I will share some of the jokes I have heard and told. I'm always looking to get a laugh and lighten people's lives. So have a laugh on me.


Snow days in Indiana.about time to find a way to get the buses back in route instead of mom's doing it for them.no more snow days please.ha ha ha, so glad my son's are done with school.

Dead Man Walking - wait, that's really not funny!

"I can't remember whether I left the seat up on the toilet last night." Of course he did, he never puts the seat down!

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