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"She needs to sort out her priorities" -Ron Weasley.I'm sorry Twilight fans, but I had to laugh.

Haaa! :D

Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

Community Post: Jokes About: Harry Potter

Community Post: Jokes About: Harry Potter

I'm Ron, by the way. I'm Harry Potter. Your sister will bear my children.

Yo mama harry potter joke

Funny pictures about Yo momma is so fat. Oh, and cool pics about Yo momma is so fat. Also, Yo momma is so fat.


Aloha again my darlings! This won't be a very long tribute post, but it WILL be a funny one! I'm officially taking my hat off to all the people who have created funny Twilight vs Harry Potter memes.

How things can happen.

Ron + Draco + Snape in grandma clothes = Macklemore.idk who macklemore is but I do know who ron, draco and snape is and from the picture, it looks like the reference is right lol


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