I would've thought sci fi comedy or sci fi drama (think Interstellar or Inception). ^(Excellent movies, btw) Romantic fantasy is so me, hahah

INTJ smart weirdo loner. Although I do not think of myself as smart. The other two are correct lol.

Golden Retriever – Noble Loyal Companions – Pup Home

What each MBTI type would do with an apple

28 Times When Tumblr Got Myers-Briggs Right

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MBTI Fairytale Archetypes Part 2 pretty accurate, but ENFP and ENTP can bleed together in real life.

ISTJ and ENTJ are both spot on. LOL | Myers-Briggs By How They'd Do In Prison

Intj / istj, if I'm not debating over things, I would most definitely stay out of trouble, it depends on who is in the prison I guess