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Wine Women And Song; 2006 chestnut American Saddlebred stallion (Callaway& Blue Norther x Feather Light)

What an amazing shot.

Mother and Foal drinking water from the trough. Look at that cute tongue on the little baby horse!

The site says, "Kesali was bred to Shandor in 2008 and foaled a lovely filly - Mayabel of Orcas Island born 5-12-09." Kesali and Shandor are both purebred Gypsy Horses. Those stripes resemble what you'd find on a zorse, but I don't see the breeder calling it a zorse. It doesn't look like brindle or normal foal "molting" either. It could be a Somatic Mutation.

Zorse foal - Clydesdale/ Zebra hybrid: oh my goodness I love these things!

equine by MyohoDane

The Shire horse is a breed of draught horse or draft horse. The breed comes in many colours, including black, bay and grey. They are a tall breed, with mares standing 16 hands and over and stallions standing 17 hands and over


Equestrian Problem Less than a month until Christmas! What are some equestrian related things you all want for Christmas? (Or Hanukkah.) Or state line tack (pretty much my entire list for Christmas.

best images and pictures ideas about cute baby horses - how long do horses live

How Long Do Horses Live and Everything about Horse Age (FACT!)


This hands comfy

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3 conseils pour faire garder vos animaux