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He's overcome serious health problems, bullying, and now. Him and his 4 closest friends are taking the music world by storm. I want to be like him when I grow up c:

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another reason I love them.

except that the picture of Lottie is much newer than the picture of Louis, so Lottie is wearing Lou's shirt

I'll be your friend Vinny you should definitely throw a party hope your selective and I'm lucky

Liam Payne.. I just can't...;):) his bicepsssssss

Liam playing ping-pong is probley the hottest thing ever

His face!

You know your favorite is Niall when the first thing you notice in this pic is not Harry's ridiculous face, but rather how good Niall looks in that outfit :)

takes some advice from Liam, ladies.

Take some advice from Liam, ladies. Keep it classy ;