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I think mustache tattoos are generally stupid, but if you're going to get one, at least get kitty cat whiskers!

13 chic finger tattoos that will make you want to head to the parlour STAT: The cutest finger tattoos around

Curiosity often leads to trouble. Except I would have it curving under my breast

"Curiosity often leads to trouble" - Alice in Wonderland tattoo= never will get a tattoo but i love the quote!

14 impossibly cute cat tattoos to show off your cat love forever  - Cosmopolitan.co.uk

14 impossibly cute cat tattoos to show off your cat love forever


30 ideias de tatuagens delicadas e super femininas

I want this, much smaller, in purple, and possibly two lines on my wrist :)

maybe if i got this, and added a peacock feather? or something along those lines

Cat finger tattoo

56 Cat Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked

How to make a temporary tattoo.. Good way of seeing if you'd really want one in a certain place or not #2_week_tattoo

Make a sharpie tattoo that lasts a month. We'll see if it lasts a month. Be a good idea before actually gettin a tattoo so you can see how it will look and if u still like it or not

15 ideas de tatuajes para amantes de los gatos

15 ideas de tatuajes para amantes de los gatos

The true Crazy Cat Lady is always on the lookout for new ways to express just how much cats rule. This awesome Cat Snout Temporary Tattoo from Tattoo For A Week is a great way to demonstrate that pretty much everything is cuter if it has a cat’s.

This as Fella's face :)

Since ancient times cats have been a symbol of grace and poise. The word cat comes from the ancient Egyptian name "caute." In ancient Egypt, they had cat goddesses Isis and Ba'at, and were often de.

Fine chain ring a little Indian looking very pretty

Decorative Chain Finger Tattoo Design I REALLY like this a whole really lot, and think it would rock with my right sleeve!

I really like the fat cat.

cute tattoo Tiny, Tiny Kitties tattoo 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books If anyone says something about tattoos not being art and just .