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the ultimate vocalist problem: even tiny physical problems affecting your performance.

The worst or having ur pinky lock up and u have to manually bend it. flute player problems <<< and violin. The amount of times my right pinky has locked up, I can't even tell you.

....it was really all to be able to play sacred music...

"Musician" is a big word that I don't feel worthy of. But this is one of the reasons I stay in choir

A flutist would understand.... Your fingers sometimes know what to do better than your mind does.

me when I finally nail my All Region music.

FLIP FLIP FLIP!!! <--- Sums it up exactly. <<< Yep, that's about right.

Music Problems << then the *slosh slosh slosh* of the papers when you're trying to get back to the coda :-/

Story of my life. To name a few: The Planets, Finale, English Folk Song Suite.....

Music Problems especially with the French horn. Never know WHAT could happen: horn starts popping, lips feel like stone when going to the high notes, or just flat out messing up on a rhythm, note or tempo change.

"Where's the pencil?" "I dunno, who had it last?" "I gave it back to the director!" "No, you THREW it at me!" Legit, every  practice...

Fine pass it around! My conductor hands out Barbie pencils to the boys to embarrass them into bringing their own. >>> I love your conductor.

And it just doesnt sound right and then it makes everything out of tune...

Rockhill like they guy you sat next to at honor band!

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Hah, happened during my auditionnn

or in the case of 12th avenue stands, that one stand that would rises up while you tried to play....

Band Geek Problems<--- OR ORCHESTRA!

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My director always gets onto the trumpets avout key change right now we have 3 songs which 2 of them have an f# in it