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Taidetta kynillä

Upon first glance, Christian Faur’s crayon art looks more like a rasturbated photograph than a portrait made of colored crayons.

Beautiful snow art by Simon Beck.

Just Looks Like a Guy Walking Around In the Snow. Prepare Yourself It's Not What It looks Like - amazing mathamatical pattern art made by a guy walking in the snow!

Money Art

Now That’s Art – 28 Pics <<almost like it represents that art is worth more than money

What an inspiration!!

Funny pictures about Using Symbol Keys To Create Art. Oh, and cool pics about Using Symbol Keys To Create Art. Also, Using Symbol Keys To Create Art photos.

Emma 2002 Chuck Close

Chuck Close, Emma, 2002 hand printed ukiyo-e woodcut Paper size: 43 x 35 inches Image size: 36 x 30 inches Published by Pace Editions, Inc.