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British artist Nancy Fouts creates amazing juxtrapositions that combine unexpected objects, materials, and ideas to create playful and surreal images. Her site doesn't say whether these objects are shown as sculptures or photographs but either would work

American-born Nancy Fouts has lived London most of her life pursuing a career in advertising. Despite her commercial success, Fouts has retained a fine art

Nancy Fouts  - Shit Matches

American-born London based artist Nancy Fouts creates provocative, playful, witty, sharp and tempestuous sculpture artworks.

Chema Madoz

Détournements d'objets du quotidien - Chema madoz

Paint Old wooden ironing board as if it were an Irish road sign? I AM SOOO excited because I just bought a wooden ironing board (vintage 1967 Fayetteville, AR ) last week. Stoked to do this exact thing! Not bad for a 12 dollar investment!

Ivan Prieto is a young Spanish artist, whose sculptures present the extremes of human, hideous ugliness we avoid constantly, ugliness that is good only for

MarcelDuchampsPipe-NancyFouts.jpg (500×366)

MarcelDuchampsPipe-NancyFouts.jpg (500×366)

Surreal, Paradoxical Mash-Ups Of Everyday Objects Give Them New Meanings -

London-based artist Nancy Fout has put together a collection of odd, paradoxical mash-ups of two totally unrelated objects.

London-based American artist, Nancy Fouts creating brilliantly surreal sculptures full of clever juxtapositions.