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You Must Start With the Basics...

The truth about college computer classes. so true. I've had to teach my PROFESSOR about ctrl+c and ctrl+v functions and save as in lieu of just saving. and changing file extensions.

Worth It - Ragestache

Funny pictures about You're so immature. Oh, and cool pics about You're so immature. Also, You're so immature.

*breath In* Boi. I dont know why, I don't know why it's spongebob, i just love it.

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

My Literature teacher srsly was talking about the boy and the stripped pagamas (that’s how she says it) and said and the BOI!

Funny Rage Comics Stupid Questions Meme

You Dont Say, AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! I'm not a fan of this kind of humor (it think it gets annoying in real life unless everyone's in the mood), but the "You don't say" Nick Cage meme has got to be the funniest meme ever. I couldn't stop laughing.

True life

The realities of math class. This was my reality with math from middle school through college. Maybe once all my kids are in school I should take a math class and sharpen my skills.

Poker Face Meme – Math Class

An extensive collection of Poker Face Memes - New and Old Poker Face Memes with new submissions being added all the time.

Rage Comics - Express Your Rage - rage comics - Cheezburger

I had this happen once, except it was 4 dollars. I got one dime and the rest came out in nickles. People looked at me like I was robbing the thing.

I am definitely the one on the right for school and work haha

This is true. I wake up 10 minutes before I leave for school.<---I wake up one hour before I leave for school which starts at and I leave at but I'm not exactly popular nor do I care about (Minutes Quotes So True)