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I want to strive to be like them! Such an inspiration for young girls!

Unprecedented obstruction and disrespect! Makes me love him even more!!

Our Honorable Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, Our Hero Sharing the Marks of History by Making Improvements for the Sake of his Daughters & All of Our Future Generations !

This totally explains why she gets so much hate from lower status males...I notice they never comment on her intellect, they always try to insinuate she is ugly or breaks the law.

“ fem-me-fatale: “ highkey-melanin: “ thehijabstylist: “ I knew she had a degree but didn’t know she was the most educated First Lady. ” this needs to be on everyone’s dash… ” Michelle was actually Baracks political advisor that’s.

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Not sure I agree about "most" people not wanting pics like this -- but no matter how many idiots there are who don't--spread this and other positive images of happy, centered, and successful people of color.

Hotep !

Hair colors and textures as well as eye color is not mutually exclusive to white people. We have eye color from green to violet my Grandmother had violet eyes they changed all the time when she passed they were blue;