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hahhaa aweee

no i didn't eat all the cookies out of the cookie jar. the cookie jar ate me!

Aweeeee. Sleep Attack…and then people wonder why we are totally in love with our dogs....

Funny pictures about A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating. Oh, and cool pics about A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating. Also, A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating photos.

So Funny! Love his eyes looking at the butterfly ♥

Butterfly and Golden Retriever. I think my heart just exploded. He is shocked and cross eyed over that butterfly. so cute

awwww-cute:This cutie braving her very first car ride.

What ARE those things?!?! A group of golden retrievers looks at a basket of kittens in a store window.

Golden retrievers window shopping for kittens (*LOL*)

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Mouth says eat, Legs say No: funny dogs

Cute Husky Puppy Superhero

10 Dog Quotes That Will Inspire Any Dog Owner

"Check it out, Halloween I used to love Superman" -Future Adult Husky

Golden Retriever who looks like he's trying to figure out how a bunny got on her head.  #puppied

A Retriever has become surrogate mother to two baby rabbits. Six-year-old Koa has taken the bunnies under her paw after they were found abandoned. I love how theres no prejudice in the animal world--we all could learn a thing or two from that/ BUNNY HAT

Golden #Baby Dogs| http://sweetbabydogs.lemoncoin.org

The sweetness of a golden retriever puppy face!

How do these cute baby sloths match up to their toys? Compare them here!: http://all-things-sloth.com/13-insanely-cute-sloth-toys-you-need-in-your-life/

13 Insanely Cute Sloth Toys You Need In Your Life

I can guarantee you don't have enough sloth toys in your life. With our list of 13 sloth toys, you'll find a toy that gets you. Without wasting any more time, lets take a look at our top 13 sloth toys:

I need it. Thanks Pancake, your cuteness makes for my most popular pin!:

Funny pictures about Pancake Is By Far The Happiest Corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Pancake Is By Far The Happiest Corgi. Also, Pancake Is By Far The Happiest Corgi photos.

It seems that a lot of people dress their dogs up in onesies and toddler shorts.

Too Cute! 12 Photos of Dogs Dressed As Babies

a golden retriever pup in pajamas = cutest thing ever OMG! I can't even with those PJ's!


Image via 21 Photos Of Cocker Spaniels That Are So Cute It Actually Hurts Image via Alaskan Klee Kai pup! I WANT! Image via Omg omg omg! The cuteness is too cute! Image via

toilet bowl pet fountain

Toilet Bowl Pet Fountain

Toilet Water Bowl My dogs need this so they will stop drinking out of the big toilets!

"These shoes...I needs them." // #Fashion

The Best Fashion Memes Of All Time

The worlds smallest dog awwww so cute

Cutest little Chihuahua! Barking at a snail

Snail confronted with a Chihuahua puppy! Wow, is this a big snail or a tiny dog?