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Really snape?! The love of your life but what color her eyes are?!

They should have used colored contacts! I mean for seven years he was told he had his mothers eyes but when we see Lily in the final book they're different.And his eyes are supposed to be green,they never said he had his mother's GREEN eyes in the movie.

Most people would agree that Umbridge is 10 times worse than Voldemort

Snape wasn't a villain. Second. I absolutely HATE Bellatrix LeStrange but I also hate umbridge a tad

Come on admit it,  Voldemort is better than Umbridge.☺

Compared to Umbridge, Voldemort is bæ . We wanted her dead more than Voldemort


I wonder how angry Severus would get if Donkey annoyed him. Probably even more irritated than when Donkey first met Shrek.

OMG this is kind of hilarious. But then again in the ways they are similar it is weird. Not to mention the guy ho plays Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) played Grindenwald in the first and second part of the last Harry Potter films. So this is true but weird statement.

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Harry Potter and Jace Herondale have a conversation. My two favorite book series! GO MALEC!

My thoughts exactly while I was reading the books. I was SO pissed by the end of The Half Blood Prince that I wanted Snape to die. Then just when he was about to in The Deathly Hallows I learned the truth. It allowed me to justify why he was my favorite and least favorite the whole time. haha

When the Greatest Friendzoned Guy was Born....

Miranda Ferguson is a genius. This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever.

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This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever. Harry Potter/Voldemort and Merlin crossover

When someone says they don't want to read a good book because the movie was bad

Book fans VS Movie fans - I do this in my head a lot, mostly it makes me feel like slapping people silly.

sass.  all the sass.

too true. He was so more sassy in the books! In the Half-Blood Prince movie, when he drank the elixir, that's how I pictured him all the time. With sass and funny side commentary. He had loads of it in the book.