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Lucas Robert Hemmings❤️<<<never met him so I can't know if that's true but I'm pretty sure it is I know my crush has all these characteristics

fav teenager post ever <33333

Teenager Post The happiest feeling is when you're about to look at him but you noticed he's already staring at you.

Don't tell me your mad at me and then ignore me and not tell me why....


Teenager Post - If you're mad at me, please just tell me what I did wrong instead of ignoring me.

that. would. be. amazing. please...ppl need that sometimes.

If I had to send that to my crush it would be the shortest list ever because all it would say would be "everything.

Then I️ realize I️ was singing I️t out loud without even knowing I️t.

That awkward moment when someone starts singing a song you were just singing in your head. It's just weird!

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Hahahah omgorshhhh yes u will when I drench u with water 😉😂 XP haha ik u will lol XP 😜😬😂