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Pinched petal flower at bottom. Antique Vintage & Modern Buttons by rocketsredglare


(::) family outing (unmarked pearl button maker). Saved to "Vintage Button Cards (::)"

I imagine that if they are old that some are ivory and bone. another reminder of our history... we were given the earth and we used it. take heed & take care of what is left :) please!

Lot 50 19th c civil war era bone buttons assortment crafts sewing

buttons  http://www.google.nl/imgres?imgurl=http://nanasgiftnook.com/artjournal/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/pretty-w-buttons1.jpg=

The Signum Times on

Vintage sewing needle package by meghan

Vintage sewing needle package--still have a lot of these. Mom always had a good supply for her sewing, and she also used these things to get slivers out of my hand after she had dipped the end in alcohol --did the trick.