I speak only the following; Spanish (bits and pieces) English(fluent) Sarcasm(Fluent) Austrailian English (semi-fluent) Brittish English (Fluent) :) Stupid is not on the list

Whenever a Directionantor tells me sucks. I'm sorry I don't speak stupid.


One Direction<<<Niall and Louis don't fit the sound of the band so they don't have as many solos, thats why<<<Fuck you, little fakeass bitchy whore. Comment your opinions on her fricking stupidity

There need to be more guys like Niall out there. He is too perfect to let go. If he dated me, he would get all the respect in the world that I can manage at one time. He deserves it. He has such a fragile heart, and so do I.

k i realized something.SO it took me a sec to process it but. Niall and his mom r both named after rivers

hahaha i say this way too much anyway...

Person: Are you insane? Me: No, I'm inzayn. Random Other Directioner: HAHAHAH! Non-Directioner Friend: Why am I friends with you?

heheeee :3 comment if ur one

I love my Directioner family! Seriously I LOVE you guys!


Yess mostly if it was Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas and ng ng Nash Grier but that works too

So cute

A League Of Their Own - Niall gets a tattoo <<< AHHHH! Cant believe he showed his bum! Its a cute bum too Lol

Mmmmmmmmm-no. I have supportive parents who love the live versions of the songs more than the recorded ones. And there is nothing wrong with that!

Lol I live in a Directioner/Directionator family. So only some will sing


Yes, this can't be more accurate! Exept me and my friend are freaking out and there's this one friend that's like Liam/Zayn.

This is me with all my friends when it comes to One Direction

SO true. Its like me and my dad. He calls them no direction lol

Masculine, "cool" guys should always be popular with the ladies.

One Direction on The Jonathan Ross Show // One Direction Funny Moments of 2013 // Niall Horan. I love what Niall says at the end! ❤️❤️ haha Love my Niall Horan❤️