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Just remember if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.

HAHAHA! (I fixed the grammar)

Growing a moustache

I about died at the end.<<< when i read that i almost dropped my laptop>> i laughed soo hard I started crying.<<< simply dying<<< I thought it was hilarious but I didn't laugh

Isn't that the truth!   Or during the week, it's hard to roll out of bed, but on the weekend, I wake up at the time my weekday alarm would ring.....so frustrating!

At night, I can't sleep. In the morning, I can't wake up. My Life story!


Haha Yeah meeting you was a mistake. liking you was a mistake. dating you was a mistake. And ending it was a mistake. Laughing it off and moving on.

Don't know why..

It's so true -__- I'm so awesome I my head but then in person I'm like uhhh hi and I say the same thing sorry

This would be perfect if they had used the correct "allowed"

Mom and I would crack up laughing at the worst times. We might have been in church laughing or in a restaurant or movie. Mom was so fun and gullible. I miss her huge smile and her ability to laugh nonstop until our stomach hurt

me when i dont get food: TONI HANGRYYYY tonikins

Funny Apology Ecard: I'm sorry for the unkind words I spoke out of hunger. So true!

No virgin blood here!!!

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I feel like I have no where to go...

This happened to me today, and of course I pushed my favourite teacher away bc I didn't know why I was so depressed or anxious and now I've really pissed her off, once again.

Replace hot chocolate and starbucks with cold beer and cocktails then add sand between your toes and this would be perfect.

Best things in life. Also when your best friend gets you Starbucks and when you asked for a tall, they get you a grande it's just the little things.