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Keys to Understanding Shot Placement on a White-tailed Deer | DEER30outdoors.com

The keys to understanding shot placement on a white-tailed deer are rooted in a basic understanding of the deer’s anatomy and the performance limitations of your weapon and yourself.

TeamGWG's Whitney Vau & Lea Leggitt share their best tips and tricks for shed hunting deer and elk antlers.

Shed Hunting Tips & Tricks

Shed Hunting Tips & Tricks from TeamGWG Whitney Vau Shed Season: January – March Location: Northern California What To Bring: -Good boots (I like good ank

Hunting - for someone who loves the outdoors and is an excellent shot, you'd think I'd love it.  No objection to it.  Love to eat game, but never took to it.

Here's How To Get Ready for Archery Season

Hunting - for someone who loves the outdoors and is an excellent shot, and can't get enough if the meat mmmm

Turkey Vitals are lower an interview n friends bt of where you'd expect. I come up the leg, a little in front and keep the shot low. In strut I'll place shot a little lower than center of mass.

One of the most popular ways to hunt turkeys is with a bow and arrow. It is a tradition in North America, apparently, that relies on turkey calling and making

Follow these simple steps to be a professional in archery

How to Shoot a bow better Infographic - Tap the link to see the newly released survival collections for tough survivors out there!

Compound Bow Sizing.. You can't hunt with a bow that doesn't fit you.

Online help guide for selecting proper draw length and draw weight for your new compound bow. Many archers set their bows for too much draw length and weight.