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I'm done walking. You go ahead.~~~~ omg..this looks like my Daisy Boo on our walk today...LOL

Bassetts and their amazing ability to have bones turn to jello the minute they don't want to move.

Bassett hound

Basset Hound dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun…

Whoa...hold on a minute, I'm a long dog...I take a little longer than the shorties...basset hound stretch

(Adelle does this all the time and even pulls herself around lol) Basset Hound Yoga.Bruce does this everyday! - OMG I've never thought of calling it Basset yoga!

♥ my hounds!!

Had our Hound mix for 16 yrs. Basset Hound for almost 10 yrs. They have crossed over to Doggie Heaven. Now we get to love our son and dil's new darlin' Blood Hound, "Bishop". Hounds just seem to r (Bloodhound Beagle Mix)

cute animals

I'm just waiting on an ice cream cone. Or a lollypop. Or an unsuspecting barefoot human who pauses next to me.

I wish Walter would do this after a bath...

This reminds me of my basset "Polo" who passed 12 years ago.If you didn't shut the bathroom door while in the shower she would join you.