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artist journal by Gerard Lange.  I am absolutely in love with this.  Why can't my art journal look like this??????
De todo lo visible y lo invisible Luis Ruiz Padrón
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IMPRESIÓN: patín técnica mixta dibujo en la página por flyingshoes

IMPRESIÓN: patín técnica mixta dibujo en la página de diccionario antiguo

After being laid off from his job in April 2011, Kolby Kirk (The Hike Guy) decided he would attempt to complete as much as he could of the 2,650-mile PCT. In that time, Kolby wrote 850 pages in his journals. a few of which he has started to scan for a major dose of visual stimulation. The pages are filled with charts, drawings, receipts, beer labels (nice), stamps, crushed poison oak...
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Henrietta Harris

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