Bernese Mountain Dog I love this dog! the only problem is they are prone to doggie cancer

Bernese mountain dog puppies! I kind of need one.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernise Mountain Puppies I want! I know they get huge! Maybe when our little ones are a little older!

Danny - Bernese Mountain Dog #BerneseMountainDog

Danny - Bernese Mountain Dog #BerneseMountainDog

Hello. I am eating snow.

Hello. I am eating snow.????????????

So pretty. My daughter has a Bernese, they are so sweet

One day I will own a Bernese Mountain dog, except that you never really own dogs. So we'll just be best friends instead.

Why you should get a dog reason #1: Dogs get you moving

15 Ways Puppies Improve Your Life

Top 15 Ways Puppies Improve Your far my new puppy has me getting of bed earlier than my previous am.seems her little inner alarm clock is stuck on and will not be reset~


From "Hi my name is Khalee I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog in this photo I am 7 weeks old but I'm currently 11 weeks old! My favorite hobbies include cuddling with mom eating lots of peanut butter and playing with my friends " by:

Boiadeiro Bernes                                                       …

Berner puppy:) this is def the kind of dog i want someday! (but ill probs…

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy - - - - the cutest!  Reminds me of our Spooky...always had a ball close by <3

'Playing with the Ball is hard work' - Harry, a Cute Little Baby Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Aww!

little cute #puppy

The cutest - Bernese Mountain Dog. As soon as I have a bigger place, this little guy will become part of the family.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog